Simply Not Good Enough

There are many families who pride themselves on their social standing, and they want their children to marry within their social circle. This does not always occur, and the person their child does choose for a lifetime companion could be considered beneath them. When this happens, the family might try to exclude the person by letting their child know their choice of a partner is not good enough. They can cite all the reasons they wish, but love will generally conquer their persuasions.

If the chosen partner finds out how the family feels, they may experience a great deal of resentment. They will often try to avoid being in contact with them as much as possible, and it can strain their relationship with their partner. The feeling that they are not welcome at the family home is often a real one, but avoiding every family event will do nothing more than give the partner’s family an opportunity to press home the fact that they had made a bad choice in marriage.

While it might be very uncomfortable to attend events where the in-laws disapprove, it is best to be there. They will have a difficult time trying to persuade their child to leave the partner if that person is present, and it will force everyone to get along. It will eventually turn into a situation where everyone is aware of the bad feelings, but they will generally do their best to cover them up for the sake of everyone attending.

Being married to someone with a disapproving family might be difficult, but the spouse should look on every gathering as an opportunity to shine brightly. They might have come from a social or economic circle their in-laws feel is beneath them, but they might be able to eventually show their roots are not all that important to the future happiness of the couple.