Marrying a Childhood Friend

Getting along with in-laws is often one of the more difficult parts of a long term relationship, and it is usually due to the differing family expectations. One clan may celebrate every holiday in a culture's traditional manner, yet the new addition to the family might have been raised to believe modern ways are best. Mixing people from different backgrounds into any circle of friends or relatives can be a trial, yet it can eventually work itself out over the years. For those who are seeking an easier adjustment, marrying a childhood friend might be a lucky break.

People living in an area or neighbourhood generally have the same outlooks and values. For those who have found someone they knew years ago and forged a new relationship, it could mean there will be fewer issues if they commit to a long term relationship. Moving into the future together could seem like nothing more than a continuation of their childhood, and their familiar rituals and relationships could present less of a challenge when marriage occurs.

Spending time with in-laws is generally not the most welcome of circumstances, yet a childhood friend might have been constantly in their house years ago. The feeling of comfort from those days could make parents and a partner feel good about being with each other. The ability to settle quickly into getting along with in-laws can make a relationship less stressful, and it would certainly be easier if they already knew each other well.

For those who have married someone they knew well during childhood, it can be a relief when bringing them to meet the future relatives. Neither one of them may have planned to date, yet their new relationship could be one that makes both families quite happy as the wedding approaches and a life together is forged between them.