Managing The End of Life

Parents are generally the ones who decide whether or not their child has made the right choice of a spouse, and they are the ones who will sway the family into acceptance or rejection of that choice. It could take decades before they are able to let that person into their lives, but they might find that this is the one person who will truly care for them when they reach the end of life stage. It is often the responsibility of an in-law to take care of their spouse’s parents when they can no longer see to their own needs.

The emotional ties between parents and children run very deep, so being able to make plans for a parent when they are terminally ill can be too difficult. Whether or not they have been accepted by the family, it is often the spouses who end up shouldering much of the burden of decision making at this time. They are able to put their emotional attachments aside, and they can think rationally at a time when it is necessary.

No matter how opposed some parents have been to a chosen spouse, they might begin to see they were the right choice after a few years. Those who do eventually accept their child’s choice will find a wealth of love and connect, and they will be further tied to the in-law as children are born. By the time they are old enough to need constant care, it might be the in-law they trust the most to ensure their final years are comfortable.

It can take decades before a person is accepted into a family, but it is sometimes good that they have a measure of emotional detachment. It allows them the opportunity to give their best for their spouse and their in-laws, and they will be able to offer the support necessary to ensure the entire family is taken care of when needed.