Making Adjustments

Many people have heard and laughed at the jokes, groans and foibles of married people trying to deal with in-laws. They might seem funny at the time, but these dramas have done much to split couples. One person might be fine with the relatives of their spouse, but the other will feel constantly attacked. It can be a difficult situation, so making adjustments is a good way for all parties to learn how to live with the situation. Parents will need to realize their offspring have made their own choices, and they will need to learn how to gracefully accept them..

Few parents want their children to marry people who will harm them, and the basis of this dislike might have more to do with possible concern than actual dislike. Their worry translates into actions that are often unfair to their child’s spouse or significant other, and it keeps them from seeing the good in the relationship. They might not notice how much better their child’s life has become since getting married, or they might miss their happiness over the fact they have found someone who believes in their dreams for the future.

It can be difficult for parents to find out they do not know everything about their own child, so the choice of a spouse unacceptable to them can come as a shock. They might see it simply as a rebellious act, and their opinion is that the relationship will not last. They refuse to interact with the couple, and they will only invite their own child to their home.

When a couple has had enough interference from the in-laws, they often give them an ultimatum. They want them to not only accept their choice of partner, but they will push them to get to know their partner with an open mind and heart. Parents forced into this situation by their own lack of judgment must try to move from acceptance to love, and it can be one of the most difficult ventures they will ever embark on.