Far Too Many Excuses

Avoiding the family gatherings of a spouse is a time-honored tradition, but it can have far reaching consequences. Those who do not like spending time with their in-laws find ways to avoid them, and they seldom realize how much pressure it can put on their spouse. When they have given too many excuses, it can derail their own relationship, so they might want to think twice before offering yet another. For those who want to live in harmony with their partner, it is best to bite the bullet by occasionally attending events.

When a partner continually refuses to interact with their in-laws it sets their spouse up for good natured ribbing at first, but it will often lead into abusive comments by their family. The in-laws will recognize they are being avoided, and being blunt with their own family member is expected. It can turn anticipated events into nightmares for a spouse living under this type of strain, and they will eventually feel their needs in the relationship are being cast aside for the pleasure of their partner.

It might not be pleasant to attend family events hosted by the parents of a spouse, but it could be a lesser evil to make a concession once in a while. Those who make the effort will be supporting their partner, and their relationship will have a better chance of flourishing. While they might not care what their in-laws think of them, they will be giving their partner an opportunity to show that their own spouse is willing to do whatever is necessary to make them happy.

There are many families with children they do not want to let go, and this is often the reason they make the spouse of their child feel uncomfortable. They are looking for a sign that the person is able to ensure their child’s happiness, so it is worthwhile to attend events in the face of adversity.