After the Honeymoon

Couples today might still want the blessing of their families before they get married, but it could be impossible for some of them to obtain it. One set of parents might be missing from the wedding, or they could be there simply as a sign of good manners. It might seem as if they are trying to discourage the wedding from taking place, but parents often know their children better than they think. For those who have learned their child will generally do the opposite of what they want, disliking their choice of partner might last until just after the honeymoon.

Getting even an adult child settled can be difficult, so parents tend to try different methods of pushing them in the right direction. They might seem lukewarm to a date being introduced to them during a family dinner, but that does not necessarily mean they are not happy about the relationship. If they see that their disapproval tends to make the couple grow closer, they might work hard to display as much of it as possible.

Manipulation in family relationships is often one of the ways families communicate, and it can have a good outcome at times. While it is not necessarily the most preferred method of getting along together, dire circumstances often occur to parents concerned about their children. This type of interaction can be even more difficult for a future spouse, but they will have to learn to live with it if they want to keep their marriage intact.

When the dust settles after the wedding ceremony, the parents might welcome the couple home with open arms. This turnaround can be confusing for the couple, but the intelligent ones will soon realize their marriage is an approved relationship. That knowledge will now be part of the cornerstone of their relationship, and they will be able to count on their family whenever difficulties arise.